Building Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is that thing that happens if you stick to your exercise daily, or you find yourself really pushing your limit studying, designing, or even singing. There is a micro small scale neurogenesis factor for every experience you’ve ever had- that is a mental map for creating an even better experience next time.

You can access, build on, and create your unique neurogenesis points by simply tapping into your body’s ability to regenerate itself. It is best to alternate periods of neurogenesis, and periods of rest- so that your body and mind can recover easily.

These factors help to build neurogenerative, neuroadaptive, and self-healing modes:

  1. Rosemary
  2. Ginko Biloba (heart sensitive)
  3. Hydrating to over one liter per day
  4. Coconut Oil- for it’s MCT value.
  5. Fish Oils
  6. DHA
  7. Evening Primrose capsules
  8. Targeted Acupuncture and Acupressure (on the nodes under your head)
  9. SSRI’s (most target creating neurogenesis and have to be alternated every five years)
  10. Hiking, Pacing your steps and using breath techniques.
  11. Hara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Breathing Exercises.
  12. Meditation (possibly the most effective of any modality)
  13. Stretching and Toning your muscles- to keep micro injuries at bay.
  14. Focusing in on your regular breathing.
  15. Monitoring your heart rate throughout the day, including oxygen levels if possible.

This is my best list of adaptive treatments, that help to rebuild the brain- and soul.




It’s just not ethical, to spread these kind of germs and not take time out to make sure you are aware of your personal imprint. Even if you’ve had a flu shot, even if you’ve had a pneumonia shot. Even if you think that plain old soap is all you need, Even if you use hand sanitizer like a mad man- it’s still going to spread. Take some time out, and realize you may save a life- or yourself, by taking some basic steps.

  1. Four Thieves (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme) plus Lavender can be steeped in hot water. Tea Tree can be easily added to rubbing alchohol to use as a spray on all bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen prep areas. (also cars, carts, phones and computers) Tea tree is effective at treating some major viruses such as MRSA, Bird Flu, and others. The equivalent of tamaflu can be made at home on a stove using Anise (it’s main component). Steam in  water on the stove to treat larger areas as you are cleaning. wipes really help, and you can use generic baby ones on everything if you add the right herbs. Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay in Soap is really useful- it is currently on clearance at Dollar General. Disposable utensils, plates, and cups. Treating Laundry, getting all surfaces. spray all masks you are using. Try Clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon using apples or oranges in a large pot of water cleans the air quickly in a large space before doing deep cleaning. Add a small amount of oil to pre treat areas that haven’t been dusted yet, the micro dusts can then bind to the oil and stick to surfaces you are cleaning before you stir it up.
  2. Resources. Local reports on current state at the hospitals are available on each online site. The CDC is releasing a report regularly because this is the third occurence of this flu season- the longest hardest ever reported.
  3. Be prepared. Don’t go to the emergency room unless it is seriously a life or death emergency, do not visit or even attend an appointment at your doctors office if you feel you  may have the flu. Don’t go to your doctor even if you don’t have the flu- or you may end up having the flu coming home.

Why Zebras Don’t get Ulcers (review 1)


This is a great book, i am about half way through it and still taking notes. What an amazing concept to consider that scientifically, biologically, neurobiologically psycho-somatic behavior is real thing! but it’s just not the root cause of every problem in the entire world.

I have slightly damaged internal organs, and I actually don’t have ulcers. But it’s really common in my original line of work, and I’ve seen a lot of people go through this even in thier later years.

I am apparently a zebra. ❤ Go me.

Smart Jane-Ubiome Review

I just feel like sharing this little cool free pilot program to you all- it could really help someone out there. Smart Jane has become my best friend lately alongside Ubiome Smart Gut too! For a short period of time their pilot program pays for you to be a part of a pretty cool research study advancing the accuracy and technology of early diagnosis for a number of cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions. The test measures your exact biome at any given time, and gives you a heads up about any possible long term problems you may be developing.

Here is a screenshot example of the Smart Jane Test results. Actually- this is just page one. There are 10 pages of results detailing everything from your risk for developing conditions based on your biome, to your long term cancer risk. All based on one sample, or in my case- six or seven done once a month over time.

SmartJane.2018-08-19_1252 Clearly, as you can see, I got pretty lucky to have a test result that is 100% clean and healthy. Not everyone is so lucky, but it is life- and I can hardly imagine but- there are girls out there that do have HPV, Cancer, or even just the sad long journey that any of these STD’s can be for many.

The only thing that I do not like about this test so far is that it does not give you a regular HIV test- and that to me is pretty important. I used to be all about the just get the test once a year if needed. After some long and tough conversations, being cheated on repeatedly in multiple relationships- and having to see so many friends go through the ‘finding out late’ syndrome of toxic relationships?

Ya- I definitely prefer to have my regular female tests done more than once a year if needed. *Even* if it is only needed because of the timetables for incubation.

So here are some fun facts for guys and girls to share in case you are uninformed or just unsure:

  1. A girl cannot start having morning sickness seven days after having sex. It is impossible to be that far along.
  2. Pregnancy Tests are incredibly inaccurate and regularly cause false positives, go to your doctor if you’ve taken 2 tests and they are not consistent.
  3. Girls have spontaneous miscarriages more often than most can imagine. A small spontaneous miscarriage is simply the body rejecting the pregnancy very early in, and it happens to everyone. It is not exclusive to infertility at all.
  4. STD’s ALL have an incubation period of approximately 90 days from the date of original ‘fluid exchange’ contact. That means that if you have sex, and the guy (or girl) has no idea they have an STD- you are not most likely to develop it or have full on symptoms until about 90 days after.


The Unfinished Inner Child

My child self-says: glitter!

My adult self-responds-

you’ll get in trouble.

My child self-says: they’ll be covered in it.

this the only possible method of proper punishment!

I have to do this- sneakily, I need your help.

and some chocolate. ya.

My adult self responds- and then?


My child self-

and then run.

Book Response: You Can Lead A Horse to Water but you can’t make them Cha Cha.


I’ve had this really interesting journey lately learning more and more about the longterm effects of abusive behavior. I’m pretty sure I’ve lived over half of my life experiencing, and re-experiencing these conundrums in life that have become a state of normalized toxicity. I didn’t have the solution. I didn’t have the clear signs or red flags in my mind. I could not have possibly truly confirmed- the state of mind of person after person that I keep reminding myself: I met through a friend that had established a state of trust, felt terrible that this happened, and yet- friend after friend could not have predicted I’d come to face to face to my personal, nightmare in my 20’s and again in my thirties.

It’s funny how the first time it happens, you actually desire to be forgiving- you feel violated and you need that feeling to resolve quickly, and so you re attatch over and over again, not even realizing this is not going to at all change or pacify thier behavior. Days later, you are still on your porch crying, confused, and lost in the shame of the belief system that failed you.

Everyone around you says: you didn’t notice? you didn’t see the signs? you didn’t question this person’s psychological state of mind any time before this moment?

And the hardest response that I had to realize from this book- is NO- no I did not have a big ‘enough’ red flag before that moment, that conflict, that uprising of abuse- to be able to magically predict the intended outcome of this man’s behavior.

Some things I’ve learned in the process of reading that I’ve found really useful are the narratives that she has used to present these ‘cases’- and the nature of the ‘leading of’ the horse to the water.

I did not realize actually that the most common denominator in many of these situations is actually the man’s mother, the mothers that raise their children in a kind of narcissistic hell, and the girls that also at the age of reason- also have become simply brainwashed themselves to mirror this behavior. The state of men experiencing abuse and manipulation from the female narcissistic abuser is simply- not often accounted for in a long stream of courts that do not recognize the rights of a father.

This book, did help me see some things about myself and brought me to a place in a short time frame that really helped me see that there is a route to healing. That not only can I heal personally, but that I also have a right to assert that at any given time. Especially to those guys that come into play later in the game- coming into a situation becoming aware of your story and then they also tend to utilize your backstory as their game.

I just felt like giving a big shout out to the author of this book tonight, after having gone to some counseling sessions myself recently to really gain perspective on it all from an unbiased source that can also appreciate this author’s point of view.

If I could give this book ten stars, I am probably going to find a way to!
//“>Kris Godinez’s new book!

Healing Brain Trauma and Injury: A Response to Video by Daniel Carcillo

Today is an off the cuff kind of day. I somehow got up and caught this video on one of my online groups, and it has been very revealing. For those that have not seen this, you can find the original video by looking up his name and then look for the video that is about treating Brain Trauma and Injury. It’s kind of amazing thinking that someone that has had so many injuries is able to fluidly put together such a deep and important statement about the healing process itself.

I grew up having a sister that has epilepsy and has thus fallen a million times over and hurt herself, more ways that I can count on both hands over the years. It has not been very many years since she actually fell ‘up’ the stairs in the middle of the night in a new home and just crawled in bed not even being aware that her head is bleeding profusely from running into the hand rail. Just this injury alone, from a small siezure, required major facial surgery to repair the broken bones in her face, sinuses, jaw, and to check for further trauma to her brain.

I have been curious for a really long time, about the nature of these kind of head injuries changing her personality, changing her manner of expressing her emotions, changing her thinking, changing her focus, and making it very hard for her to have a normal life at all.

This video by this former NHL player has me really curious as to what kind of treatments they are doing in these plasticity centers and if there is any success rate or failure rate of any of these treatment plans. Having spent *years* travelling back and forth from the leading, state of the art, neurology center here- and being exposed to these issues throughout my life, I have learned a lot. But one thing that has remained steadfast is that there is never going to be a treatment to heal the brain damage that is caused from these varied types of brain trauma. Therefore, eventually my sister is going to be a vegetable that cannot fully think for herself, and someday- though there have been so many attempts to prevent it, she is going to end up in long term care earlier than most- can plan on not living to be 100, or even 80, and most likely is never going to have a normal partnership, lifestyle, or even just a normal day on her feet.

I am learning a lot from this video, that brain trauma can actually cause major personality changes. I learned recently that one of the major reasons that my sister can be so brutal at times, in her mood changing from houyr to hour, is because the epicenter of her siezures is in the front right lobe and because of that her centers for compassion and expressing love are damaged. Actually, they are gone, the area had been removed by a surgeon about 2 years ago- on the hope that this could eliminate most of her seizures.

Actually, it did and the number of seizures that she has currently is dramatically reduced, but her day to day behavior is very hard to accept at times. Some days it is mostly normal and she seems like herself, but most days she has heavy mood swings and has a tendency to lash out about things easily.

I really hope that this NHL player is able to bring more information to the forefront about these programs that help to heal the brain, because he is right- one thing that he mentions is the prevalence of Parkinson’s, Altimer’s, and Dementia for those that have sustained major brain injuries. In all of its irony, anybody that has epilepsy has some understanding that every time they have a seizure it is like a storm that injures the brain progressively over time. Each seizure drives the damage a little further, and over the course of a lifespan, they tend to increase, not reduce unless medication is used to control it.

Also, those that have family members that have epilepsy are keenly aware of the trouble that they get into, having falls, and petite mal seizures that cause them to not remember anything that has happened. Thus, creating the cognitive problem too- of not having a memory to help explain to others anything that has happened to them in those minutes that literally ‘anything’ can happen. good or bad.

I am really grateful that this former NHL player has brought his mission to the table in treating traumatic brain injury because this is no joke, to spend a life time fighting the great ‘man’ and having a brain that is not on your side? It’s the hardest fight ever. At some point you are just fighting for your soul, to overcome the brain, and the heart, to take up the slack that the brain cannot. For the words to come out right, for the thoughts you do have and are important to be relayed clearly- at all, to someone that can actually help you get on track again.

Spiritually, haven’t we always known that the brain heals itself? Scientifically, we are still trying to determine how. That makes this man’s journey, pretty deeply amazing if you think about it. He’s proving to the rest of the world that these injuries can also heal, and mend, and the dysfunction that comes from the rest- can be limited over time.

I am amazed, curious, enlightened, and really looking forward to learning more about his journey- his process, and this amazing facility that has had such a success rate- but does not appear to be affiliated to any of the major neurology centers that I have visited.


Music and Drugs

I’ve not often talked about this- but it’s a fair topic.

I never realized how much I could learn from playing a djembe, or picking up a flute, or singing fireside just appreciating the vibe. So many amazing people that have influenced my life started on a spark of a log, hands stretched and heart open, embracing the stars, and learning a new rhythm.

The one thing I can’t stand about hand drummers, besides the superficial contribution of a bunch of could be’s paying thousands of dollars for drums? is the drugs. It actually really deeply bothers me, that every invitation I get, I have to strongly evaluate before accepting. I have check every list of RSVP’s, I have ensure that I take nothing on me that could be potentially stolen, or that could be viewed as valueable. I have to go through the list of every person that is most likely to attend- and never the less?

there’s always one, incognito, drug dealer. selling pain meds to a pot head. dosing people and not people that actually do enjoy these ‘higher end drugs’.

I haven’t been to a larger drum circle for literally years- because the risk is too high. There are too many people that try to get too close to me. There are too many people out there, that aren’t ‘just smoking pot’ or appear to be safely smoking pot, and are just big liars sort of perched on the edge of a mission: drums for drugs.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize the value of music.

But does it have to cost so many people thier lives? Quality of experience? And?

when did it become normal to dose people? knowing they aren’t open to it.

It makes me feel like my talent, my ability, my contribution is just not really worthwhile-given to all the wrong  people.

all for a beat. or 2.

Late Comebacks

What I meant to say was-

how dare you try to take my men?


They are all fuckaholics, alcoholics, half-wits,

and they aren’t very good at cheating either.

But they do it, a lot.


Well, I suppose if you insist- you can have one.

But I’m warning you-

take off your shoes and get ready-

to stand in the kitchen. never having children.

don’t worry he loves bologna, with American cheese.

and when he farts under the covers at 2am-you’ll understand.


Would you like the one that tried to kill me and himself,

or the one that tried to drown himself in rum?

there is quite a selection here you realize.

They are all well aged, and vintage.

We have Sweet, and sour-

dark and mysterious,

or for the adventurous-

confused. pickled, and loves fetishes.


Ode to the jealous, narcissistic woman-

who can’t help but want what you have,

a life that looks better than theirs,

though a life of thier own would help.


I can’t be sure, but based on these rules

which I did not invent-

If I start dating myself,

she may become a lesbian.