Venus Retrograde 2017: Backwards Love



No matter how deep you choose to plunge, or if you simply sit at the surface-Venus retrograde is a magical time for everyone. It is a time to reflect, to cleanse, to clear, and to attune yourself to the truth of love. Venus retrograde will take you to the heights of your best self, and plunge you into a deep understanding of her wisdom. Should you choose to engage her, she will test your strength and push you to see the love in the darkest of places. In every moment of ordinary, venus teaches us to feel again. To trust again. And eventually, to love again- and again, and again.

  1. Releasing the past wounds: Venus has a way of engaging us based on where she falls in our charts, and grants a unique experience for each person. A great bit of wisdom is to use this time in her retrograde to simply release what is holding us back from being and feeling truly loved. It is a great lesson in giving yourself the freedom to love without holding great expectations, but instead learning to be the kindling in one another’s fire. (which is far better than being the one adding the fuel to it!) Venus willingly aids us in many ways, but especially at the time of retrograde- in which her greatest themes echo loudly. It is a good time to examine: am I really trusting or am I running? am I giving all that I can? am I holding on to tightly? Am I not holding on enough? This is a great time to re-evaluate your relationship contract both with yourself and with your partner, in a loving space- and with aim for improving the quality of your shared journey together. Now’s the time, to break out that journal, and ask for the help of Venus to release any and all old wounds that have come up in your mind. Also look for these subjects to be easily triggered in arguments, cause strife where normally there would not be any, or even begin to rip a relationship apart. As with anything, remember- all relationships start within. Ask Venus for her loving compassion, and help in smoothing out these curve balls.
  2. Welcoming the good: Once you have worked through the process of clearing up anything you may have been experiencing from old relationships, take some time to focus on what it’s going to look like for you coming out of retrograde. What kind of love do you want to manifest in your life? Is it all romantic or are there some good friendships you’d like to foster? Are there family relationships in need of your attention? This is a great time to begin working with Venus to affirm that you are willing to release all of what is holding you back, and what you would like to replace it with. Call in the energy of Venus to gracefully help you find your way through this period of time. As we enter the end of retrograde- send your intent for manifestation out with a bang, celebrating all that you have released, and let go of. Make a date for yourself, to spend some time taking yourself out for a change. Take a long bath, relish in your hard work, and welcome in the positive energy of love to now carry you through the rest. Viola! You are set. Great Venus has you in her womb, and is carrying you forward.
  3. Connecting with your one: Venus retrograde is a great period of time to begin focusing on how to attract both your ‘highest self’ and your ‘highest partner’s self’. Some people we are more connected to than others, and some are just simply soul mates- not necessarily meant to be partners. Realize that your one may manifest in any number of forms- even a one night stand, to get your attention. I think that venus urges us to explore and find ourselves in the wonder of what is possible. We could find our one’s at the most possible romantic location ever, or simply sitting in a cafe perusing the morning paper. She grants us this opportunity also during this time to work on how we want to meet that person, how we want to have these experiences, and how we would like to manifest them. So consider that the universe though it does not always give us what we ask for, is listening closely at this time. Do we want to have a more casual meeting with our one at first, or a great big gushing warm fuzzy romantic date to set the stage? Some times it is not best to choose the later, but you are the only one who knows what is right for you. This is a great time to ask Venus for her help towards the end of retrograde, and let her loving influence begin to help ‘smooth out’ the challenge of being with the one who is just right for you. However, challenging find the one can be for so many- you will notice what is the most natural to you is where and how you are most likely to find them. Rest assured, he probably isn’t stuck in a condom- but he may need some help shining up that armor! You never know what kind of trauma’s your one has been through, until you are ready yourself.


Venus grants us the great opportunity to look at love differently during retrograde, to help us resolve issues of the past, and to grant us some extra help in moving towards healthier and more loving experiences down the road. Always grant your gratitude when working with Venus, whether it is for the wisdom of the blunders we have all made in love- or even just for her loving energy in this transition. Give her a chance, let her in your heart, and she will help you shine.




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