Reiki Healing


Ushi Shiki Ryho : Second Degree, working on level 3/Mastering


“Chokorei, Se=he=ki, Hon=Sha=Ze=Sho=Nee-en.” 

May the light of universe be with you, 

May your heaven and earth be in balance, 

The light in me honors the light in you. 



6 thoughts on “Reiki Healing

    1. That’s great! My first attunement was a really interesting year. But what helped the most was ironically going to the park and just digging into the symbols. I learned a lot just exploring. How is your first attunement going so far?

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  1. It has changed my life
    In ways I never thought
    Possible,that’s why I probably
    At the first level for as last long
    As I’ve been ,it’s been over ten years
    But my life has improved so
    As Sheldon Always


  2. Paul, What a special time we had in your fantastic cafe. We celebrated a double birthday breakfast there with family and ate our fill in delicious pancakes! Superb job creating a great environment to relax and enjoy with simple objects for children to keep the entire family wanting to return for more! Kuo!Kdsimberly


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