Happy The App Launches!


This week brings in a new wave of app trends, and opportunities for both work and play. Happy the App, is a new service available to anyone who is need of friendship, listening, support, or even just someone to talk to. Starting Friday, April 7th, Happy the App will become available to the public for the reasonable price of $25.00 and hour. For those who are broke, or who are skeptical- the first ten minutes will be free to everyone the first few weeks and moving forward. So you’ll get a chance to call in and chat for free if you are not sure if this option is right for you.

But, hey, considering the price of a counselor or psychotherapy, if you are down and out and just need a boost? Happy the App is coming soon to help!

For those who are more generous with their time and energy, you can also be a giver and make a little money on the side for yourself too! If you are a great listener, definitely consider this opportunity on your list of apps to work for.



The app will be available on Itunes beginning the 7th of April, for World Health Day! Come celebrate with us, and help us build this amazing and strong change in the way we view mental health for good!


2 thoughts on “Happy The App Launches!

  1. I think it’s a little sad that someone would have to pay $25/hour for someone to talk to them. Wow. What has this world come to? I love technology, but I think social interactions took a huge step backwards when everyone became voiceless, faceless online entities instead of real people meeting each other face to face. No one knows how to converse and make friends in person anymore.

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    1. I do know a lot of people who would use this service for the privacy and autonomy. Personally, I think there is a huge communication gap in our civilization of human contact. Everyone has their reasons. I’m excited, though, it allows me to work from home doing what I do best.

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