Music and Drugs

I’ve not often talked about this- but it’s a fair topic.

I never realized how much I could learn from playing a djembe, or picking up a flute, or singing fireside just appreciating the vibe. So many amazing people that have influenced my life started on a spark of a log, hands stretched and heart open, embracing the stars, and learning a new rhythm.

The one thing I can’t stand about hand drummers, besides the superficial contribution of a bunch of could be’s paying thousands of dollars for drums? is the drugs. It actually really deeply bothers me, that every invitation I get, I have to strongly evaluate before accepting. I have check every list of RSVP’s, I have ensure that I take nothing on me that could be potentially stolen, or that could be viewed as valueable. I have to go through the list of every person that is most likely to attend- and never the less?

there’s always one, incognito, drug dealer. selling pain meds to a pot head. dosing people and not people that actually do enjoy these ‘higher end drugs’.

I haven’t been to a larger drum circle for literally years- because the risk is too high. There are too many people that try to get too close to me. There are too many people out there, that aren’t ‘just smoking pot’ or appear to be safely smoking pot, and are just big liars sort of perched on the edge of a mission: drums for drugs.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize the value of music.

But does it have to cost so many people thier lives? Quality of experience? And?

when did it become normal to dose people? knowing they aren’t open to it.

It makes me feel like my talent, my ability, my contribution is just not really worthwhile-given to all the wrong  people.

all for a beat. or 2.


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