Smart Jane-Ubiome Review

I just feel like sharing this little cool free pilot program to you all- it could really help someone out there. Smart Jane has become my best friend lately alongside Ubiome Smart Gut too! For a short period of time their pilot program pays for you to be a part of a pretty cool research study advancing the accuracy and technology of early diagnosis for a number of cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions. The test measures your exact biome at any given time, and gives you a heads up about any possible long term problems you may be developing.

Here is a screenshot example of the Smart Jane Test results. Actually- this is just page one. There are 10 pages of results detailing everything from your risk for developing conditions based on your biome, to your long term cancer risk. All based on one sample, or in my case- six or seven done once a month over time.

SmartJane.2018-08-19_1252 Clearly, as you can see, I got pretty lucky to have a test result that is 100% clean and healthy. Not everyone is so lucky, but it is life- and I can hardly imagine but- there are girls out there that do have HPV, Cancer, or even just the sad long journey that any of these STD’s can be for many.

The only thing that I do not like about this test so far is that it does not give you a regular HIV test- and that to me is pretty important. I used to be all about the just get the test once a year if needed. After some long and tough conversations, being cheated on repeatedly in multiple relationships- and having to see so many friends go through the ‘finding out late’ syndrome of toxic relationships?

Ya- I definitely prefer to have my regular female tests done more than once a year if needed. *Even* if it is only needed because of the timetables for incubation.

So here are some fun facts for guys and girls to share in case you are uninformed or just unsure:

  1. A girl cannot start having morning sickness seven days after having sex. It is impossible to be that far along.
  2. Pregnancy Tests are incredibly inaccurate and regularly cause false positives, go to your doctor if you’ve taken 2 tests and they are not consistent.
  3. Girls have spontaneous miscarriages more often than most can imagine. A small spontaneous miscarriage is simply the body rejecting the pregnancy very early in, and it happens to everyone. It is not exclusive to infertility at all.
  4. STD’s ALL have an incubation period of approximately 90 days from the date of original ‘fluid exchange’ contact. That means that if you have sex, and the guy (or girl) has no idea they have an STD- you are not most likely to develop it or have full on symptoms until about 90 days after.



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