Loving Them Anyway

Somedays you learn the harder lessons. And then they’re not lessons anymore, they’re just skills that you’ve demonstrated in the eye of a storm, called life. Pre-requisites for becoming an adult, or so they say. Other days you have to accept that, actually nothing really stays the same. Life is change.

At this rate, the measure of an adult in 20 years is going to be not wether or not they can pay their own bills, keep a job, or darn their socks- it will be their aptitude at repairing technology from scratch using only a video tutorial. We are already at this point, where if you really want to learn something all you have to do is look it up on youtube, regardless of the depth of the content- or intrinsic need for hands-on learning and mentors. In 20 years there won’t be mentors to teach us how to do things, that our generation got lazy and forgot about. There will only be knock off versions of martha stuart home decor in every historical textbook, and at some point our homes will then also be the ‘outmoded’ versions of once simply ‘was’ expected and acceptable for building practices.

The toxins that our generation has learned to clean up, will become a note in a world civilizations textbook that not only cannot be viewed on a computer, but will only be accessible if you have an exclusive watch with compatible pin numbers.

All of the expected good, that we’ve spent our lives creating, is going to inevitably end up at the bottom of a landfill somewhere- only in 20 years- they will have probably banned those landfills, which have become like archaeological excavation sites. We knew that these things would never biodegrade, and we were all proud of that at some point. So why now all the fuss or ‘ecological fever’ to somehow magically fix these ways?

My generation, is not millennial- but we are lumped into the sad but true and strange twistedness of their hardships. We will never be able to fix the mistakes that we’ve made- in any capacity, ecologically- entirely within our lifetime. So why are we all putting down people that raised their hand and came here to clean it up? They’re happy with their hazmat suits, so I say let them.

It took us how long to figure out that we were poisoning ourselves with dishes made with radioactive dust?

Somedays, you have to wonder if there was ever a man that called himself god, because that is how every single NLT bible reads- and it is creepy if you think about it. A man who was god? if that literally happened now, we’d all run for the hills and hand them the koolaid- letting them know compassionately to please not pull another giant suicide stunt, and we’ll even let them have a 501 c3 status.

But no, seriously, god is not a man, Jesus is a man, not considered god himself, but actually considered to Christianity to be simply a hand of god. Jesus didn’t want to be THE hand of God, he just wanted to create a loving example of Christianity in a time that it was dying in the ashes of Roman-Greek Economy.

These social stratifications, they become us. Someday in 20 years you’ll open a new bible and it will have a completely different interpretation- think about that, and all they ever really had to say was : be kind, humanity. don’t feed the fears. be the love.



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