Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Part 1

I want to get this message out there, to the people who need it, And this is really a first attempt at compiling as much information as I could possibly have developed and researched, independently using a lot of localized sources in clinical research. I want to start a conversation about this, so I’m opening up this series of articles regarding recovery for those who need it now- not later someday when all of these companies finally publish their information on the true long lasting effects of co poisoning.

I’ll start by explaining, that I am in my thirties- and I have had carbon monoxide poisoning three or four times in moderate leaks from several different types of sources. My first exposure was at 18, my second at 26, my third at 27, my fourth at 30, and my fifth technically from a somewhat common diesel engine just a few years ago.

What my doctors have to say is that my nerve endings changed, became more sensitive, grew evolved, died off in some areas, and became hyper sensitive in others as a natural part of how the neuronal network forges itself when faced with these kind of difficulties. What my doctors believe happened is that this actually effected my immune system at the core level, causing a series of inflammatory responses that most modern pharmaceuticals cannot effectivley treat. The natural reaction of most medications in the body of a person who is still carrying the toxicity of co poisoning, is poor, the efficacy is reduced, and many major side effects occur.

For example, one of the first of many big scares was having anaphylaxis type reactions to allergens that I’ve always had a reaction to, but now the reaction was completely out of control. Another good example, is the activation of a dormant food allergy gene in my family’s history from my great great grandma, which had not caused any strife until this happened.

But as it turns out carbon monoxide poisoning plays a part in both the loss and preservation of cellular memory, and how your body remembers things, even what genes are active and what genes are suppressed. This kind of harsh reality is not the answer most doctors want to admit is true- but it’s the truth. Our society already has the science to prove that co poisoning, especially in a build up over time in a small space, causes some pretty strange things to happen to people. One important fact, is that it’s effect on the immune system is deep enough to cause your blood test results to come back as though you have an auto immune disorder, or to ‘wake up’ a gene that is recessive that carries an auto immune disorder, or both.

Genetically the science is already to prove that some people carry genes that are simply more susceptible to this kind of poisoning, and do very poorly with it, and others that are much stronger, survive with more grace, or the appearance of very mutable symptoms. While many actually continue to suffer strange side effects many years later.

It is a proven fact, and I want to make sure that everybody knows it. Delayed Nuerological Sequalae can happen even 20 years down the road from a severe case of co poisoning, your genes still continue to replicate poorly if not treated well in the begining.¬† It’s just a fact.

I personally am a different kind of an example, as I had intense accupuncture done by an expert in her field, who learned directly from a long line of very good accupuncturists- my answer came straight from china. Literally- from the man who taught her. I also did several rounds of oxygen therapy, and several types. I never had any form of hyperbaric treatment, due to the lack of insurance at the time of the exposures. And the nature of the exposures.

Everybody wants to hide this information, but it’s the truth.

It effects your thyroid, hormones, blood cell counts, your nerve endings. It feels like a disease itself, because it creates disease when left untreated and unhealed. They have the proof that your body continues to replicate cells exponentially that are ‘faulty’- lacking a healthy expression of your own dna, deleting your DNA, your RNA flawed temporarily. Because the liver, the kidneys, and spleen cannot keep up with this toxin.

It is proven, that it is not gone from your system but simply deep in your tissues recessed, and where hyperbaric oxygen cannot fully reach. It is proven that hyperbaric oxygen therapy actually does a lot of damage if administered too intensely at the time of the original poisoning.

In Japan, they have created a series of injections using an oxygen promoting algae that is the original source of Co-Q10 that actually heals severe co poisoning on application, even in very near to death experiences. They are completely changing their method of treatment, at the ER level- because this method decreases a lot of risk of the potential ‘oxygen damage’ from overloading all of your cells on hyperbaric oxygen.

Hyper baric oxygen treatment tends to cause oxidative damage that is not the same as just having a high level exposure to co, in fact, that oxidative damage tends to cause hypoxia which our society knows, but will not change their protocols on. at all.

So, I am posting this start a conversation, to start exposing some of this information and to address a lot of misinformation about the healing and recovery process.

You can save your brain, you can save your body, and you can save yourself. I am living proof. I have good days, and I have bad days just like anyone would. But I am not brain dead. I am not gone, and I am still fighting for a plan that helps every one receive better, kinder, and more loving treatment upfront, instead of the way that many of us had to pioneer these answers the long and hard way.







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