Morgan’s Dreams

She awakes to the dead of night. Eyes wide open. Heart pounding. There is some smoke coming in above her. Just barely hanging on the ceiling. Her breath sharpens for a moment afraid. The street light streams into the small opening of the drapes left haphazardly hanging to block the sun. She has had a [...]

RPG Development: Morgan’s Memories.

Morgan is having a tough moment, trying to remember something important. She's tried to talk to her old friend Ulia that she lost so so long ago. Ulia, she cried over for three days in her office, the day that Ulia, decided she could not be her maid of honor. Ulia insisted she had to [...]

RPG Development: Morgans Mind

Every time she thinks about him, that one...she becomes instantly stupid. Everytime she thinks about that one, she makes decisions differently. Some good, some terrible, and some utterly confusing to her. She thinks to her old self, oh the joy of youth it was to just be loved. She thinks to her younger self, not [...]

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TCM)

    Something I've found interesting lately is this different style of treatment for those that severe neurological problems, and some that just have severe damage to their entire system, from military, and many other experiences that tend to cause major PTSD, or CPTSD, or other mental health disorders to become unmanageable. In a universe [...]

REBLOG: Researchers Discover What Became of a Lost Continent, Now Hidden Under the Adriatic Sea — TIME

Researchers with Utrecht University in the Netherlands have uncovered what became of a lost continent that broke off from Africa and wedged itself under Europe, creating mountain ranges that span across 30 different countries from Spain to Iran. “What we have studied is the very complex history of the geology of the Mediterranean region,” Utrecht… via [...]