To the great powers that be…..

I am in pain. I am in pain more of the time than I ever let on. I have been in pain for 9 years. Yes I have done the work. Yes I have tried a lot of treatments. Yes some provide some kind of relief for a time. Yes some help to some degree. [...]

Pain Thinking

I think pain makes me think differently. My pain is all over through my stomach and my ribs. All my upper abdominal areas spleen and stomach for sure makes me feel like I am being pinched or pricked hard at first it I'd just a sharp repetitive pain that seems to transform into other pains. [...]

Memoir: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 2

The second time that I had carbon monoxide poisoning, it got bad, really really really bad.. fast. My exhusband after several years of fighting, fueding, cheating, healing, repairing, and then fighting again- he became suicidal. He became very withdrawn. I believe he tried to kill himself in our home, with me in it. He said [...]