Things I have loved that are Asian (about less than five percent of my DNA)

So, in the long-held argument about Americans loving Asian things that are really kind of superficial reflections of their culture(s) and lifestyles- here is a blog about all things Asian. Things I have loved about Eastern culture for a very long time:  Cold, crisp green tea. not extra sugars, no extra bullshit. Hot and kind [...]

Memories: Catching The Burgalar…

When I was 6 or 7 years old i woke up in the middle of the night and heard one of the doors open like my brother was coming home very very late again. Probably still a little drunk and high but just doing his thing. I was afraid. I looked up and out the [...]

4:30 am shed break in

Someone tried to break into the shed at 430am. The dog got me up. I thought he just had to pee. I couldn't sleep last night had a terrible headache. Called the 911 again to get someone out here. They checked the person's long gone. Shed door was wide open. Put dogs back out and [...]