The Yum: recipes for a plant based life style

So, one of my favorites since starting the Dr. Terry Whals paleo diet is sushi. I was never a big sushi fan until late in the game. I love it now.... But, I am allergic to shell fish! I discovered this only later after really getting into homemade sushi rolls and a lot of hard [...]

The Friends: “Overview of Job”

So currently I am loving this series called The Bible Project. How did this even begin in my life? Well...first I decided that associating with many but not all of my beloved hippi, pagan, wiccan, thelemic and new age friends has been really deeply amazing an really deeply toxic for me due to my experiences [...]


I thought police are supposed to help, if you call and you cannot handle it anymore. I thought governments reached out to help people, in thier suffering- in thier pain, I thought these changes meant living a good life again. I thought reaching out for help- meant you are brave, I thought receiving help is [...]

Part 3: Evolving From Hypoxia…

One night late in evening going into the early morning I sat at my local gym in my new town, in my new life, and in the dredges of my old life pulling at me. I had all these amazing and strange conversations with the most interesting chatachters... A reverend who had delivered just so [...]