Thoughts: “Complete Jewish Bible: Comprehensive Review ✡ Part 1/2”

So I found this interesting this morning. I decided to change my plan for reading the bible in one year, about 2 months short of the year. I felt really just not focused on the original plan and like it just is not meant to be read front to back like I had intended.

My mission started because I was hearing more and more about Christian’s who dont even ever read the entire bible only the portions they were taught to uphold very selectively might I add and usually to thier shagrin!

But I took an in depth bible study class in high school made for public education students of all backgrounds and I did, actually study the bible. I had a good teacher!

Something I’ll never forget. Loosing my first love to the great travels of a missionary. ❤

So I’ve made it my mission to now read it all in the original jewish context. Because we used to talk about this a lot at church growing up.

Also my step grandfather was a reverend who studied originally this way, had his own church, and that is where I was baptized as a child.

In the church I attend now, things are much more open to a deeper understanding of the bible that goes beyond normal christianized thinking.

And it helps one of my best mentors is just originally jewish and still honors his upbringing though he is now a reverend in the spiritualist church.

For me? Our church though different, leaves space for the loving and boundless creativity that I need in life. It is also more centered on the gifts that God gives and the care that is needed to keep them.

And I actually really love this church. For the first time in my adult life, I feel like this is more me than anything ever has been.


My study of this more jewish context of the bible is also going to include the original Greek translations. Because that is how my step grandfather studied the new testament. That is how many learned originally.

And I actually do not like wishy washy versions of the bible that are strongly influenced by opinion instead of actual history.

I use an NLT version but I grew up reading king james.

I studied NIV in high school, and I still believe it is really important that students have that option to learn in an unbiased setting.

When you feel supported to make your own decisions you will. And I believe a hundred percent that it’s worth it to both give and have the correct and best information and understanding in making those big decisions in life.

Spirituality included.

My old reverend used to say himself:

The bible does talk about gifts, the bible does talk about intuition. The bible does embrace prophecy and prophets. If you actually read it as an adult and understand it.

But jesus was never meant to be raised above god. Or above us to the point that that we worship jesus and not God.


I believe jesus did not ever intend to be praised so far above God and above humanity that everyone would use his name as an excuse NOT to bother fully reading the jewish contexts of the bible.

To me? Jesus is not god..god is not jesus. They are not interchangeable. They are not one in the same. They were never meant to be.

I believe that jesus is a pretty down to earth prophet meant to give us a human version of godliness to learn from.

But if we put jesus in front of god, then the intended meaning of christianity is simply lost.

If we spend all our time praising jesus we have no time left to give gratitude to god.

Its hard to accept sometimes but there is a reason the words god, and the lord are used almost interchangeably.

The original translations if the bible had no other word to describe this type of connection to the unseen and omnipotent.

But if you can’t understand that’s because monotheism came from the polis structures and original cities in sumeria…

You simply haven’t done your homework. Lol.

And some people REALLY should before they start in dragging people through tons of religious drama over who is really the better religion…

We were supposed to always respect the Jews. From the begining. Not make ourselves appear better than them to the point of total exclusion.

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