I think I’m most in love with a charachter who is now officially dead on the show, Michael. His light blue shirt, his amazing humor, I’ve kinda been rooting for him the whole time.

Rafael is hot and rich but hes just never been my type. He reminds me of a certain date I used to call deuschbag well because that is how he introduced himself. A hilarious friend. A millionaire in disguise but not really the type of life I’ve looked forward to. Deuschbag dared me to slap him twice because he was drunk and didnt think I’d do it. The second time he said to slap him harder, and I gotta admit I was really mad about the divorce at that time. Really mad. So I may have slapped a millionaire before he kissed me over donuts later. But I guess that’s kinda what he was into. Dont get me wrong, it was by far the best first date after a divorce a gal could have. It was also after a night of fire and fun and we didnt have sex, but we did have a hilarious breakfast in town. I was so heartbroken when said deuschbag also never called again..

Of course he didnt. He did introduce himself as deuschbag and run around for 2 hours challenging me to donuts later. I whipped him good though and I kinda need it. So I always thank him for his glowsticks. And i do mean that literally. Lol.

But Michael? He has an honesty and depth like no other. He is so friggin patient this entire first 2 seasons and goes along with the brohellio romance like it’s his job.

But what I love most about michael is that he always solves the crime, protects the girl, and comes out last…

But wins first in Jane’s heart, and that is all that matters.

Michael is just really such a deep character and I hope they bring him back soon..

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