Ok. I couldnt sleep. Again. I had to just watch one more episode in my insomnia. My man crush is back!!! Michael has returned from the dead..

In honor of this I have to share:

I once got asked out twice in one weekend. I had to avoid both boys until…the secret got out accidentally. On the date with the second guy.

The first was a good guy for sure, and he was impeccable all night. It was really pretty perfect actually. But when he asked me for the second date on the first date kissing on the porch? I had to politely tell him he has to give me some time. Blushing a little, it was really cute.

But the next night when the second guy picked me up he said we could anywhere and all I wanted to do was play pool..lol. I had no idea all of our friends would be there but I was actually happy to see everyone.

So we had a face off. Pool style. On teams. Man number and man number 2 both literally just not really knowing the whole story.

The thing is the second one I had been waiting for him to ask me out on a date from the first time we kissed. So I had to make an exception to my normal rules.


The ex of number 2 showed up and was a friend of ours and was not happy to see this. We weren’t kissing or anything but boy were we both planning on a hot night.

Everyone could tell. Thing is we were actually having fun.

Fortunately boy one covered me just long enough to make sure boy 2 did not know until much later.

Sadly later would be longer than I ever imagined in teen time which is aeons of high school…lol..

Man two Jewish boys in one weekend squaring off at pool was not my plan.

Then again neither was boy 2s ex girlfriend running out in tears. 😦 or him chasing after her…

Right after our first real date.

I definitely got caught by boy one. I didnt get caught by boy 2 until much later and thank god by then we could laugh at it…

And each other.

Still a funny story about how men get when a woman gets to choose..

Things can get pretty awkward and ironic fast. But man that was a hell of a game of pool…


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