Yes. It’s terrifying. Yes, it’s really scary for those of us that have aging parents, or anyone with disabilities or severe allergies in the home. Yes, it sucks because newborns, and small children can go much faster than most realize- when brought into the world with a coronavirus in thier lungs. But no, this is not a reason to go out and buy half the grocery store. No, this is not a good reason to triple your credit card debt for the month, or to just absolutely buy every mask you can find. -Use Video Doctor Apps as much as you can during this time- because it is actually the easiest method to reduce major spread from going to a doctor in person that has been handling these cases all day long, as is probably sick themselves already. (It’s just cleaner!)

This is like the plague, and we’re all prepared. Everyone everywhere is already prepared. There are already back up stock supplies coming to all stores. There are already massive orders being filled for healthcare workers and thier families. There is a lot going on. Everyone is doing thier job to the best of thier ability, and no one is ignoring this.

Personally? I believe that some of what we are being told on the news is simply untrue. Honestly? I believe that there are treatments that do work on this outbreak and they’re going to use the safest, most cost effective approaches first for good reason. No one is immune to the flu even if they have a flu shot. All viruses transform, change, become different, and harder to defeat naturally. It’s a part of life, no one can change. Not even the best vaccine, can ‘perpetually’ always keep you safe from anything. Viral strains that we are fighting, are nothing like what vaccines were originally invented for. All of this, is just the best that humans can do right now.

What does work? From my understanding it sounds like licorice tea works to prevent this virus from absolutely taking over. It works, by reducing the transmission and infection of the virus dynamically. Specifically this was documented in the prior SARS outbreak. That doesn’t mean that it is a cure, it means that the plant has antiviral properties that work on the previous Corona virus which genetically matches this current Corona virus by about 85 percent. That means that they are 85 percent identical not 100 percent. Nobody is perfect.

If you have an elderly parent already prone to lung disease I would seriously consider investing in an oxygenator of some kind, even it is one of the used cheap versions. IF they don’t already have that from thier doctor, i’d consider having thier doctor run the order for it, in advance of all this shit that is about to hit the fan in the world. The one biggest reason you have to take and elderly person to the hospital in this case is going to be to have oxygen treatment, breathing treatments, and regular 24 hour care staff. A lot of that can be done at home, if paced wisely- and can keep your family from being repeatedly recontaminated in the case of a major outbreak.

Even a spa style oxygenator can help you can your loved one from point A to the ER if absolutely needed- without loosing so much oxygen in that time that they just cannot breathe. (these are about 300 dollars and only run about 3 Liters of oxygen, not 6)

Instead of freaking out about what everyone is going to do, make a clear decision about how you want to spend your time during what could be some very long enduring periods of self imposed quarantines, and world chaos. What keeps everyone in your family happy? What keeps everyone calm and well and feeling good about things?

I say personally: happiness is the best remedy to health. retaining joy even in a hell of a storm, is a quality that you can lovingly build within your friendships and family units, and that is the thing that keeps everyone alive, well, and good inside and out.

Yes, obvious, wash your hands. Shower if you go out during the day to get supplies. Pace out sleep schedules so that those who need the most night time care will have care. Yes, obviously make sure you have medical supplies you need, medecines you cannot live without, and emergency kits ready and handy.

But the best case scenario? You’ll be able to do what you need to, to take care of your family if you are yourself calm, centered, prepared, and feeling good about it. I honestly think? If you relax by having a glass of wine, not a bottle of wine- then make sure you’ve got the win you like. If you love chocolate and that helps you sometimes, keep a little stash going just in case. If your kids have a ‘calm mind’ approach- work with them on that, during these times.

But personally? I’d say that this can’t be worse than every plague our world has ever seen. It’s impossible. Our world has never been wiped out by any plague that we know of, and if some time billions of years ago everyone got sick and died at the same time- well it would be a great mystery wouldn’t it?

I believe this is one of those times, it is best to do what your best mothering role model taught you, or best grandma in a sense- because really, they’ve lived through the last of the quarantines- over fifty years ago.

And only they would know what it would be like, since our country actually hasn’t been quarantined for over fifty years. We’re just not all gonna be used that, because we’ve never all been through it like this! Ever. Most of us have never seen a quarantine site nor have our youngest healthcare workers.

My take on it is definitley the mother theresea approach: if you want to change the world go home and love your family. Start there. That grows. That expands.. that builds into what we need more of in this world.

Live out the quality time that you have- don’t spend it racing around trying to beat or race your neighbors out of buying needed supplies.

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