In researching ahead of time to help protect and care for my family here, I have found some unique aspects of the human struggle in this pandemic.

* women are shaving thier heads as nurses in China to make all body surfaces easier to clean. The hospitals there are paying them to all cut thier hair off. They have become known as warriors in the front line battles for thier sacrifice.

* They are running out of pads, tampons, and all feminine hygiene products of all kinds. This has caused great problems as they all have to wear bright white hazmat style suits in order to prevent being infected. Wow ladies you are really braving it over there!

*Quarantine dynamics have begun to reverse some gender roles in China where many men have not ever been taught to or regularly done these types of chores that women usually carry.

Notice in this video how they talk about the 7 step method of cleaning and removing a hazmat suit, gloves, and head gear. She literally yells at him like a boss to stay one meter away. But truth is she probably should be this firm about it.

Here is thier sweet documentary of taking care of each other in quarantine where a cinematographer becomes the nurse for a time to take care of his wife and child.

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