It’s a hard wake up call I think for many to realize that when we polarize our beliefs about good an evil to an extreme, it simply leaves a huge gap for any abusive personality to walk in and twist everything to thier will. It almost certainly causes even the best hearted person to get caught up punishing or assigning blame and deep scarring judgement to those that are mildly out of line with expected ethical behaviors. Therefore surely the best of hearts tends to miss those that are deeply out of control. Or vice versa sometimes. The person who appeared incredibly innocent suddenly seems tarnished and the just out of balance then appear to be a drop in the bucket compared to the sea of just people lying to the government about small things all over the place. And for some it is survival. They stole a loaf of bread, in a grocery store because it’s the only way to feel full. Because they’re hallucinating. Because the meds arent working. Because they did not know what else to do.

And my feelings about these things is that god is surely there too, in the eyes of the manager that probably let that poor homeless man steal one loaf of bread on a hard day, while he tried to get himself back together.

I have heard hard and hopeless stories, and beautiful experiences from poverty and about poverty.

But one thing that had always stuck with me is the idea that when you get too caught up on blame and judgement and where everyone is going to go when they die it starts this huge distraction from the truth. Usually a a giant distraction from a huge problem brewing right under the surface….

And then what?

Well that is why I believe the world is made of grey, and god and light and not black and white. I believe the world is made from a million beautiful colors all there for our appreciation and understand. And when we try to paint the world black and white with our thinking it is surely going to cause a severe lack of balance.

When we make ourselves the judge and the jury of god we also are punishing ourselves. For then we are carrying and living out and ruling others as we see fit when it’s not our job. For then we are living out someone elses life for them by making them dependent on us for direction and decision making. And when we do that we are asking for the stress and responsibility that truly does not belong to us.

But when we over focus on punishment and consequence and what is sin and what is not sin and what is evil to us but is in another culture or belief system not wrong at all? Then we are each throwing off the balance of community and worldly connection.

The world to me in that sense is not black or white or striped, it is not all grey. Well unless you live in the midwest. Lol.

To me the world is made of many many diverse and unique colors meant to be learned from understood and in that yes there are those that cause others harm suffering and pains and there are those that teach deeply valuable wisdom. Like silver and gold. There are also a million billion beatiful rainbows of colors and people and personalities in between.

It is not our job to repaint anyone. ❤ but certainly not in the name of god.

I believe god loves us each in our true colors, and wants us to be the best of ourselves no matter what.

I dont believe this because I was raised christian or because I spent a long time being an agnostic as an adult. I believe this because that is what I see in the world. And that is what i feel in my heart is the truest of all, in any religous context.

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