So, this week for us has brought stories out of stock of just the most strange things. In a deep kind of talk about this with a grocery stocker at walmart, it became very clear that people are buying out all toilet paper, papertowels, wipes, baby wipes, rubbing alcohol and of course it is just obvious half the cleaner aisle is out.

I’m not surprised, though I find it deeply disturbing how frantic people have become.

Here are some things we’ve come up with here that are going to help…

*meijer is providing coupons for one gallon of vinegar free to regular customers. Vinegar in gallons is much more available and just as effective. It will kill about 90 percent of all viruses and 100 percent of bad germs. Also it’s very probiotic. It is the base for good healthy fermentation. What does that mean? That means that you wont have to take probiotics while using this product, whereas rubbing alcohol, bleach, lysol, antibiotics, and many other cleaning solutions are disrupting to flora and fauna. When that is disrupted it leaves you open to reinfection easily and quickly!

*Everyone is already out of masks and they will not be very effective for long periods of time regardless. In any form. There is a six hour limit of effectiveness of any mask. However, scarves. Bandanas and cut pieces of fabric hemmed properly are really going to do a good job in preventing spreading or to cover your own cough, or in daily caregiving. It’s not perfect but it’s worked for thousands of years I’m pretty sure even jesus had a bandana, head scarfs, and face covering. If you choose to do that please be smart and wash regularly.

*Anti viral herbs: There are just a ton of vitamin and herb companies ramping up production and using this as an option to increase sales. Dont fall for it! The usual vitamins are just fine! Vitamin C is very good to help tone the heart in those that have cardiac or afib issues. This will help reduce the chance of an elderly parent dying or those with compromised immune systems from struggling so much. Zinc is great but not over 40 mg in one day or it will cause naseausness and other unsavory confusing side effects.

-Licorice Root Tea was found to be useful in the SARs spread in Iran long ago. It was clear to the clinical researchers that those who drank it everyday did not get the virus or did not have intense symptoms. It is a natural antiviral herb. However! It also raises blood pressure and can irritate underlying heart conditions. A normal healthy person should only drink 3 cups of licorice tea a day. An elderly person or person with afib or arrythmia can barely tolerate one cup a day. And even that would be risky.

Other anti viral with less side effect include: rosemary, thyme, parsley, anise (very good on h1n1 and the flus) among many others. (Oregano oil, aloe, even coconut oil)

*you can make wipes with 90 percent rubbing alcohol and some aloe water.

*you can make disposable facemasks with paper towels, rubber bands and a stapler.

*you can wear all long sleeves and long pants and shower 2x a day, more often than usual. Mostly when coming from work. Dont touch anyone or anything go right upstairs and shower run it hot as hell and make sure you get your hair deeply if it’s long.

There are just tons of things you can do, including prepping with a small oxygenator for 300 dollars that is portable and does about 3 liters of oxygen, just keep the extra tubing on hand and wash what you have regularly.

You can get a used 6liter oxygenator oxygen concentrator for about 600 on a used website so long as it comes cleaned.

You can even get a defibrillator kit for your home for about 300.00!

Personally I say stay away from all clinics and emergency rooms if you can avoid it at all. Realize the best they can do is run IV fluids, oxygen, and monitor. That is really deeply needed for our aging, and our autoimmune disease friends. Let them have that space and avoid any contamination or spread you can.

Dont. Just dont go places you cant achieve a 6 foot distance while standing in line or waiting or sitting. If you’re going to a church or large group sit in the back to avoid those coughing forward continually.

So, basically yes wash your hands a billion times. Hand sanitizer doesnt work if you dont wash your hands every 2 hours or less.

Also, ok so this is obviously a good time for probiotics and probiotic fiber! Love your pickles, sauerkraut and kefir. And I’d you dont like the first 2 just do the kefir. For real. There is little good in yogurt that is not handmade or locally sourced. Seriously.

A lot of things that are natural and seem safe are a huge money trap right now. So be aware and be kind after all nobody needs ten bottles of bleach….

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