Apple Cider Vinegar

4 tea bags

One large pickle jar

1 Tsp Salt

1 empty spray bottle

This is an antiviral cleaner made for the heart of the coronavirus outbreaks. Vinegar is very probiotic and helps restore good flora and fauna in our home environments. Where rubbing alchohol works to disrupt coronavirus, vinegar kills about 80 percent of viruses and licorice root kills the rest but differently. It disables the arms and legs of the virus quickly. Thus it cannot continue spreading.

Licorice root for Coronavirus is a lot like Anise and tamaflu for h1n1 but way more effective in the long run.

This is a method used in the SARS outbreak in Iran originally. Those that drank the tea daily did not get severe symptoms and tested negative for the virus. It is not know if all were negative for contracting SARS, but these caregivers who were taking care of others did not get SARS or any severe fever.

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