So, here in Indiana this world has just gone mad. I work in a grocery store stocking supplies and this was my first week. Boy it’s been pretty strange. (For a first week at any job, this one takes the cake! Ha..)

But here is what I’ve learned and experienced so far, amidst all this chaos- there are still really positive things going on in the world and still pretty amazing people really stepping up.

I’ve learned that some of the hardest struggles right now for people is not necessarily price gouging or just the shortages but the issues regarding what is left to buy. A lot of the remaining supplies available are simply already the highest priced brands. When one set of 9 rolls of paper towels is 8.99, well that impacts those most at risk who cant afford to buy it or wont. The very elderly are really struggling with this, as they are also braving these stores often alone trying to avoid crowds. I had so many much older people stop and talk to me this weekend. Strangely they are often the most peaceful and caring people you’d ever meet! They are the quiet in our worlds storm right now, and they all need a little extra love going into this. For one our government has labeled them all high risk during this time. Anyone over 60 is really starting to become deeply concerned, stressed, and confused. Confused, in shock, and concerned because they have arrived at a store to get needed items and there is nothing left that they need. Atleast not much in a reasonable price range. We’ve had some heavy talks and good moments discussing possible resolutions throughout this process. Some have appeared almost in tears, just blown away by the chaos of the process and the emptiness of the shelves at every store.

An executive of our company (which I will not name for my own protection and theirs…) says and I quote:

“In 42 years of working in this industry I’ve never seen anything like this ever before…” He said this while helping us all stock our store, and restock, and then stock some more as it all flee off the shelves regardless. What a kind and true person to be an executive and be working at the bottom of the barrel of this chaos right next to the rest of us without complaint whatsoever.

So, a lot has happened over this weekend and I’m sure there is more to come. There will always be the good stories that come out of this and the heartfelt struggles of everyone too. I know personally I really look forward to hearing what good, and amazing things people are going accomplish with this. No need to focus on the negative here.

I say to the universe in that sense, I welcome all good that will come from this and I embrace this community lesson we are all going through. This has not ever happened in my moms generation, at all. In fact I dont think its happened since before my step father was born. He was born into the depression era, and had a very different understanding of the world. But, he also really did spend a long time preparing us all for this kind of time when we may all have to brave what he was once simply born into.

A world that is not itself right now. But I believe things will iron out, and take thier course more peacefully soon.

Well, I’ll be focusing on my meditation until then so that atleast my mind is peaceful even if the rest of the world is freaking out. I dont feel I’m obligated to panic, nor that I should. It feels like one of those times really where you have to remember that panic is allowed but not needed or productive to chaos we are all working to clean up.

Panic is always an option, it is just the least productive and least protective. You cant get anything done in your

own….sheer panic.

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