Here are some recipes…

Ok, papertowels

So, you can actually sort this into several categories easily. For windows you can use coffee filters and wow they are good at keeping a streak free shine. Actually you can use this method for just about anything! They have a bit of texture and scrubbyness.

Also, newspaper. You can use black and white only newspaper to clean a plethora of surfaces. Color tends to bleed into your process and is to be avoided because it’s also toxic to the skin when liquified.

Old tshirts, clothing, drapes, sheets, and towels. Ok, so this one is not as easy as it seems. Yes you do cut up all the material into smaller pieces and you dont have to hem..well not everything. Personally I reccomend doing atleast a basic hem because these tend to leak threads when left un checked. Staples as odd as it sounds can make great neat little hems without a needle or thread for those who dont have sewing supplies or a machine to keep the hem line neat and tight. Even a small hand sewn hem on these is really useful to keep the threads from unraveling. Any kind of non printed fabric is great. Some prints that are light or very worn do ok, but usually you want very tshirt like fabric. Also old towels obviously make great scrubby little cloths.

Soap and water will clean the coronavirus from these items and in this case you would store them in a sealed trashcan or something with a very clear label and covered top. Or throw them into ziplock bags and seal them off until you launder them.

Toilet paper: Cheap paper towels are basically very tough toilet paper. So, here’s the thing…dont ever pour thick expensive and layered papertowels in your toilet. Ever. Not even in a zombie apocalypse. Not even if you think the world is ended. No. Just no. It will break all your pipes a million times over and then you’ll still have to pay the plumber.

One important thing to remember is the not so obvious…you don’t have to flush after number one. I repeat yes it’s weird and it is called water conservation. You flush only after number 2. Yes it is odd. It also saves a lot of money. Or if your plumbing is messed up, it helps to know because you can go like 5 times number one without flushing. And that prevents more clogs.

So you have a few odd options here. One is cheap thin facial tissues. Another is actually odd but will work. Tissue paper. Most stores still have tissue paper for wrapping. If you find one thin and soft enough you can cut it up and it will flush easier. Or put it in a sealed trash can and change it regularly. Most of these options are better to put in the trash than to clog your toilet. Make sure the trash is covered though so that you dont spread germs. Obviously.

Now for the big ones:


Ok so baby wipes are going to run out but if you can find a case of the cheap kind this will really deeply help in this time. Also do you really need a wipe? Be honest with yourself. Is it truly what you need right now or is it just nice to have. Hand sanitizer can be made about a billion ways and used in small refillable bottles for a long long time without a wipe at all. So if your hands are seriously mucky dirty and covered in dust or something awful yes use a wipe. Obviously. But if it is just a moment of need for sanitizing just use the sanitizer or wash your hands.

Most of these issues can be solved by simply washing your hands anyway. Its pretty much out of everyone’s way so it’s not usually too crowded to use a bathroom right now. Bring your own soap to public places and keep it in your pocket if you’re going out for the day and the business maybe hasn’t refilled thier soap.

Second, you can make wipes in a small ziplock bag. Rubbing alchohol, 90 percent or higher and aloe. Add vitamin e if you want but it will not be as smoothly mixed. Aloe expires easily so if you add aloe mark a date on your wipes for sure or it may smell if left in storage.

You can make any kind of wipe you want. You can even make them out of a light cleaner that is not abrasive. Most stores basically are out of rubbing alchohol. But you can use soap or a watered down cleaner that is good to your hands. It’s weird yes, but it will work.


Here is what I reccomend. First of all did you always want to be a cowboy? If so this ones for you. Grab a bandana, and some scarves. Those are just as effective as any mask and they’re washable, reusable, and efficient for a fashionably made mask. Choose fabrics that are thicker for good reason. Use your best instincts when choosing materials. Again with cutting up old pieces of fabric and hemming them off…you can make like 20 masks by fashioning yourself some bandanas made out of old materials. They may not be beautifully created or even by a great fun print. But they will work and keep you from having to smell all these people during this time.

Wash yours everyday. Every, every, everyday. Respirators are going to be out of stock for some time, and honestly they only work for 6 hours then they have to be thrown away.

Be aware of your breathing also. In these masks of all kinds you are going to breathe more carbon dioxide and that will throw anyone off. When using them you re breathe your own carbon dioxide and your oxygen will go up at first then abysmally down. So if you are at risk do not stay covered for too long, keep it real.

Scarves also help, when they are thick enough to tie off and keep everything tightly tied. If they’re too thin you’ll have to double them. But these are all still available cheaply at goodwill and other stores. Even winter scarves can be useful, though it may look silly. Dont worry about that.

My favorite:

A lady at dollar general says that there are some videos about homemade masks made from papertowels and rubber bands. Well? They’re smart. Ha! Ya, I’d say staple and go. These might be more useful if entering a hospital environment.

Also because they’re sold out at every store, what else is left really? Not much.

Last but not least:

Dry laundry soap.

Borax, washingsuds, and felsnapa ground up. Or use a cheese grater to grind it all I to a powder. But wear a mask it is just very powdery and sticks to everything in a cloud of soap while you’re doing it.

But this makes like 6 months of detergent. I use also oxiclean as an addition to get clothes really clean from stains. But you can add whatever dry ingredients you like and just use your favorite softeners. If those are also out, try a one dollar bottle of conditioner.

Vinegar, conditioner, and some others are good at fabric softening and available widely. Invent your best fragrance. Have fun with it. There’s no need to spent 20.00 dollars on one month of laundry.

You can make enough for 6 months with about it 10.00.

So I hope this helps! I’ll keep posting out ideas as they come to me..

Stay well everyone. Remember the shower is your friend. Lol. Way cheaper than all these other things we do right?

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