I feel like I have been run over by a truck, and then it backed up and ran over me again several times until it forgot I was there and I finally ran away free.

I just started this job 3 days ago. I reapplied about a week or more ago before this all became pretty crazy. I had applied before but the app probably expired. Nobody really wanted to hire me, and I knew that would happen because of my health issues and jack of all trades resume. By jack of all trades I mean I went from working theater backstage to still doing some sporadic events and filling in my work with tons of very easy to find work.

Now, I haven’t been to a show in like years. Ok maybe my nieces show choir performance. Lol. She was amazing, and totally counts!

Right now I feel like I just did like 3 load in nights back to back and they forgot to hire extra people so we all just pulled together and it’s done! It’s done. But omg. Everything hurts.

This is worse than when Elton John had 35 trucks and nobody hired extra labor, and there was no extra labor so they hired people off the street that have no idea what they just got into.

This is almost worse than the time the stage cracked badly and almost collapsed with 500 kids on it while 5 stagehands held it up. No wait that’s still one for history.

Still…I’m grateful 2 Aleve will help solve this for the time being so that I can get on with my life. But I have to be honest. I did not want to get up today. At all.

I woke up just totally so tired, so much more tired than I’ve been in a long long long time.

This is worse than wood pulling day when it’s time to build a huge fire but we want it to look pretty and huge and so we have to knock over dead trees and carry then back.

I’m just saying. In pretty sure not as many people yelled at me as they could have but they didnt thank god. Because god knows when you’ve got health issues and you’re a little slowed people get upset and just really often make you a target to tell at. Like a dart board on your forehead.

But no. Thank God. Because I had to be so incredibly calm and kind when responding to these questions. I feel really bad that I couldnt help more.

But yes we really are out of potatoes. Toilet paper. Meat ran out yesterday I think. Not sure.

But a lot of things that are pretty normal were just gone and some odd things too.

I laughed as I realized nobody wants frozen fruit, lol. Apparently this is not super important. And a lot of health food items too were untouched. Lol. Nobody wants super healthy food during a pandemic. Lmao.

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