We made an agreement at home. I will work for as long and as much as I can work until I get a high fever or severe chest cough. I take my temperature 2 times a day, to ensure that I am not spreading anything to anyone at home or at work.

Today? It hit me hard. I woke up at 5am to Italy, a genome company helping me figure out what the heck is going on with our family’s genetics. Periodically I mesaage them worried for them, now I’m worried for us! And them. Its still much worse there. By far.

In ten days that is what it will be like here.

I really tried my best today. Honest. I fell asleep missing a phone appointment with my disability lawyer, and then I felt really bad about it. But I just slept hard. I woke up feeling out of it. Verigoish. Weird. Not quite awake even if my eyes are open, the rest of myself was not quite following.

Then bam 2 hours into my shift, fever, stomach pain, sweating building up…and building up..and then sweating through my clothes. My sweatshirt my polo, everything.

I just felt like I’m gonna puke. And then very very slowed.

I go to walgreens load up on Sprite and water bottles and acetaminophen (separate bottles from the households). I make it back home. I can not carry these 12 packs inside right now…I am just fatigued. Severely fatigued.

And I end up landing a phone appointment with my doctor thank god, who is very supportive about this confusion. I work in a grocery. I cannot be contaminating people.

I’ve had licorice tea and just all the echinecha tea I can tolerate. I’ve also been over exposed for about ten days now…

Ugh! But I knew it was going to happen. Its gonna happen to all of us in groceries, everywhere. Probably all on the same day…

Today? I get to monitor my temperature more for three days off work now loosing money. šŸ˜¦

It sucks when your doctor basically says, in order to limit spreading this from work to home and back again you may have to work something out with your job.

Until they close all locations and do clicklist only…or something limiting social physical interaction.

Either way?

I’m guessing were still out of beans…for a long time…

Thus there will be no farts!

Dont hold it all in humanity. Lol.

We all know what farts lead to…stinky ass under the cover yucky icky man farting .

Just sayin…

Probiotics are our friends world! So is gas x….

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