This is my best understanding of what does help with antiviral herbs and coronavirus. First you have to realize many who are dying have already progressed to pneumonia because theh had more than one virus at the same time. Second, this is not a heal all. Nothing is. But licorice does have a potent effect. So does copper, which you cant take high amounts of due to its effects on the thyroid gland. Third…here is the notation of the studies shown to have previously and successfully treated coronavirus in the SARS and MERS in the past. Mostly in Iran.

You can drink up to 3 cups of licorice tea a day with minor side effects. Older people with heart problems should not drink this at the rate of 3 cups a day, maybe only one with symptom monitoring until it is clear if there is a reaction or allergy.

Always test for 24 to 48 hours up to one week or more to make sure you’re not giving yourself something that just doesnt do well with your system. Or causes adverse reactions with other medications.

Always, always, always document your reactions.

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