Today is the day. It is day 11 through 14 of what could be my incubation period after stocking shelves in a very new job that I started before this became like world war three plus zombie apocalypse meets contagion.

I am running a low grade fever with a cough and stomach problems. Stomach problems mostly cause by I had an MRI scheduled last week and I am probably going urinate contrast dye for a short period of time.

My hope? Lol. That the contrast dye killed off what remained of any viral problems I may have caught while stocking and breaking down loads of cardboard.

Ok well it’s one hope! Lol.

I’ve been drinking licorice tea for days and boiling it on the stove, never more than 2 cups in one day so far. It helps ease a lot of gastrointestinal problems and naseau and aids in mucous production. It also happens to be a very good antiviral herb that works from what I can understand through research on SARS.

Let’s hope that 15 percent difference isnt too bad.

I’m hoping the tea will deactivate its little legs and allow it to flush out without spreading at all.

I also enjoy running the steam over my sinuses and face so deeply stressed from allergens right now in a new job.

I’ve made my own mask to wear and wash throughout this process. I’ve got piles of books from the library.

So far, I was running some kind of hot flashing fever off and on feeling like I’m going to puke. Now I’m just letting everything pass…contrast dye and all…

Copd and all…

Life and weird damage and all..

I have sinus systs and some white matter damage from migraines but not nearly as bad as it could be.

My thoughts?

I think the licorice just causes the viruses to all be disrupted and thus I get some of the symptoms but it stops and clears up with obvious sleep, rest, tylenol, and becomes most manageable steaming any built up crap out of my lungs.

The viruses are 85 percent identical, SARS and Covid 19. So there is in everything going to be that 15 percent remaining that we just don’t know how to treat best yet.

I’m pulling for these antivirals to become available for my family who is high risk.

But in the mean time I keep a pot of boiling hot steaming herbs with licorice tea bags on the stove daily.

And I clean the high impact surfaces daily with 24 hour microban..

I’ve even recently added a probiotic to the water as it boils to balance out the obvious lack of flora and fauna from if nothing else…

All this dang cleaning…

Stay well all! ❤

Love your elders today.

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