I’m reaching this point of pressure where life has built up and is going but I am just kinda half here and kinda mostly in my own world. The cat has knocked three to five things off my desk everyday so far. Today it is the cap to the thermometer. She seriously hates me right now. For unknown reasons my cat does things that make no sense and then totally make sense.

Once when a friend died in the middle of the night of the flu, she climbed the drapes and got herself stuck with one paw locked in on that last piece of cloth shamefully..as she shredded it.

Another time she knocked over the lamp.on my bedside while I was trying to read and get ready for bed, as my mom descended into a health crisis of unknown magnitude. Her lung collapsed days later.

Today however reiki kitty as I call her, has lost the cap to the only thermometer that I can use. And I’m not liking these quarantine dynamics. Not today. Yesterday I was so mad at her, batting at me while filling out telehealth info on my phone that I really got mad! And I gave up and called my own doctor which went much better than a video appointment.

My cat has this way of just causing total chaos when something is wrong. She gets me and she gets me so incredibly mad at her sometimes. Just dropping everything off my art desk. Oh my god..as I am half asleep..

Plundering the door open in the middle of the night, running round fast like she is out of her mind. 2am. Just 2am. Oh man. She is worse than a drug addict in love with themselves. It is rolling little feet across the floor darting for hours sometimes. She is louder than the Great Dane.

For a moment shes decided to calm down because now were in self made quarantine. Thus she gets the sprayer with the vinegar in it if shes bad. So she won’t spread any viruses.

She has me seriously perplexed today. Two days ago she did this until I refilled her bowls and such. Still pretty funny how a cat can someone so fast…

Shes also my best stomach massager ever. Lol. I have to retain her services for life.

Have yet to duplicate such an eager paw…;)

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