Ok, so, this is the recipe I’ve used for the last ten years…

1 Box Borax

1/2 Box washing suds

1 Bar Grated Felsnapa soap (we like this one, or Kirk’s Laundry Bar)

Ok world, soap is soap is soap with more things added… and then becomes a new kinda soap!

It sounds simple, and complex but it’s not. Soap either suds or it doesnt. If you want suds add more suds! If you want more deep stain removing quality, use the felsnapa as a laundry bar to rub into the clothing directly gently and with a little toothbrush. Yes, actually scrub the stain. Yes that takes work. Yes it is worth it.

We add oxyclean! Why? Because whites stay white, and stains go easier, and we just like it.

Is it all super hippi natural? NOPE. If you are a hardcore essential oil junkie this one will not work for you, it is chemicals..

It is also, the same thing as most basic dry laundry powders. I know you’re gonnna hate me for telling you this.

****this recipe only takes like three tables per load, therefore it lasts literally months and months and months- unless you have a teenager-

then it lasts like one month.. while they figure out it doesn’t take like a cup per load…*******


Don’t add more of this mix, just to add more. Change the base, if you don’t like what you’re getting out of it. It’s nice in the sense that you can keep adding, baking soda, essential oils, and even super cheap suave hair conditioner as fabric softener- until you get just the right mix for your clothes.

On to the next part..

This recipe can and should be easily liquified without suds, for dishwashers, and with suds for obvious other needs.. like hand washing.

Ook, so you remember that weird dry pink ass powder that they use to put in elementary schools before everyone went liquid?

Yep! That’s just as effective as liquid pumped soap. It is just not our norm anymore, but don’t be afraid to try different mixes until you find one that works best for your hands.

I love this recipe because it breaks down into three or four other needed items around the house, and it lasts just much much longer than you’d think.

You can make like five gallons of soap with this in less than an hour, without heating, reheating, tempering, or adding any form of lye or having do much work.

***The hardest part is literally: grating up the felsnapa soap into a very fine powder, and this is something you absolutely have to wear a mask for…***


Use Zote Soap, it is pre powdered.. and super cheap I hear, and really easy to order..

(again with the bright pink memories elementary school soap! zote, is where it’s at I hear)

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