My thoughts tonight are mixed, as I monitor my fever and try to take care of myself. It feels so quiet in this maze of the world lately. Quiet and panicked.

In an odd series of thoughts, I came to the conclusion that coronavirus isnt really just another virus at all. I began to connect these thoughts or ideas in my mind slowly while researching a bit myself to clear my own potential confusion.

I really kinda think this virus is not at its core functioning a virus at all, but very plant like actually. Random thoughts at one am of course are not usually huge breakthroughs but coming to understanding within. It has little thorny thorn legs. It spores like a mold. It binds to other agents already polluting our bodies quickly. It reacts and moves slowly. But takes people swiftly.

But look at the death and outbreak maps. These are occurring primarily in city areas and spreading to the rural people slowly. Atleast here it is. The social isolating isnt really fixing things just slowing down the curve and calming people. Forcing us to calm ourselves and our families. Forcing everyone indoors and afraid of the one thing that kills it easily…sunlight. oxygen. Trees. Plants. Life moving.

But its reactions are most like a nettle plant with small little stingers that makes you itch your nose and face and break into a redness usually.

The tongue is bright red, the face is bright red..its easy enough to spot by looking at people. Sweating, hot, and fighting.

Its considered a heat toxin in Chinese TCM, and in the indian medicines. Thus they use licorice often to clear it, because licorice helps clear and balance mucous.

But this is only to be used short term, due to its potent side effects. Thus it has little grace for the severe elderly and those with heart conditions.

But here is what I think is really happening…in my thoughts of things and how they connect.

This virus binds to molds, pm 2.5 pollution built up in the lungs and often carried by dust and such in warehouses. It binds to sugars which are toxic to our lungs and to cottons which are a type of fabric that is most used and also often the most dense to soak up and allow bacterial build up.

Most medical attire is made from polyester at this point or a polyester blend, as well as sports gear and a lot of clothing in general is cotton based with synthetics.

So..what I think is happening is multi fold. The virus is basically drowned by soap which passes it into the pipes and cleaning agents and such eventually. Its disrupted by rubbing alchohol but none of us can live in a fully sanitized environment 24 7.

And it builds up in the hospitals fast in spite of deep efforts to clean and clean and wear ppe and clean more.

It attaches most in environments highly sterilized but also naturally lacking healthy flora and fauna.

A great deal of old supplies are being opened up also.

This prevents a huge opportunity for molds and spores and dust. PM 2.5 dust to be specific.

When something binds in our system several toxins are causing problems at one time. But particularly our older generations have built up sugars and dusts and molds stuck in thier lungs. This also happens to some skilled labor workers in fields like entertainment, and factory workers.

I caught it going through cardboard at our store breaking up boxes realizing this dust is killing my lungs temporarily causing allergy coughing.

But it stands to say that if what you’re using to clean up multiple toxins doesnt deactivate the viral pattern at its core it’s just going to come back again.

And again. And mutate.

With all that we do have we can use why are I wonder people just not using options that are real and reasonable?

It is frustrating to me. Then again i can breathe therefore i can think and my oxygen levels are ok. For me right now.

Anyway just a thought…

If a virus could bind to all the pollution in our bodies and sort of use our own problems against us it would be pretty much the most horrible virus ever.

Really. Until you break the virus down and wash away all the viral imprints it clings to. And maybe seriously contemplate living in a void for a while.

It always get me though. Ha. But what if this is so true?

I probably got it half right at least. Who knows!

I’m sticking to my tea regardless. ❤

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