They were ready to test asymptomatic people Wednesday via mobile units. Then it was cancelled..theres no agent for the swabs. Swabs arrived people arrived and help arrived for our hospitals here but not the agent needed for these tests.

Only health care workers police and fire and first responders can be tested without symptoms currently.

It’s becoming madness on another level here. Nobody will stay home and just take care of themselves. People are having to drive to two or three or six stores to find toilet paper, wipes, vitamins, and much needed basics for high risk families.

This is just our reality right now. The supply is out there but cannot reach us quickly enough because of truckers and thier lack of laborers. Also same thing in our groceries. Not enough laborers to stock the multiplying trucks arriving even if they have made it in time. Nothing can be stocked quickly enough. Honest to god. Even if we have it. Somewhere. It’s just become impossible to keep shelves from being emptied over and over again almost as soon as the stores open.

People are lined up outside stores at 6am and in 30 minutes what is most needed is gone.

We have gone to a food pantry several times just trying to stock up both our home and my nieces who has 2 children herself and no time to go to the pantry. 2 autistic kids with food allergies.

We have food allergies here, too in several forms.

2 out if the 3 people here are considered high risk and very high risk for covid 19.

Still I cant get even the most loving family members to accept they need to stop visiting if they are coughing. Or atleast wear a mask.

This is too serious to have that kinda blood on your hands.

People just are ignoring all travel advisories. Completley. Everyone is shifting and doing jobs that they can manage from home or that have openings where thier companies have shut down.

People are really afraid because some companies have remained open even with covid 19 deaths of thier workers working in very close quarters.

Then no cleaning being done to ensure a stop of the spread. It’s almost criminal the way sick pay is working out for factory workers right now.

I’m very lucky to be with a company that is taking good initiatives. And I’m proud of our managers for holding it together right now and doing thier utter best to support and care for all.

You ever seen a grocery or superstore manager on a bad day? Well these are the worst they’ve ever seen. And they dont get hazmat gear.

People are more afraid as the numbers rise in testing but the fact is this huge panic caused a huge spread too. The driving around store to store in circles has just become a three ring circus of people polluting each other.

I stood 6 feet from someone showing obvious symptoms of covid 19 about 4 days ago. Someone who will probably not be accurately tested in time to get true and good treatment.

Someone who is high risk. Just taking care of thier wife.

And honestly?

This is bullshit. All of it really.

Our government is not responsible for anyone who does not take personal responsibility and liability for thier actions and choices.

It’s not thier job to clean up our messes, but they are right now.

And if you cant see the humanity in that you’ve lost sight if the truth of this.

We are all hurting. We are all struggling. We are all washing our hands. We are all wearing long sleeves and masks and taking great precaution. The best of us are doing our best. We are all depleted. Exponentially.

But this going on right now? This is just plain unkind of all of us humans coughing and struggling.

Protect everyone. Not just your own. Love all. Not just your own.

It’s going to take months if there is ever an accurate head count of covid 19 infections….

This is only a fraction of the current cases.

I dont know about everyone else but I’m getting my first responders training. And I’m pulling myself up by my bootstraps and I’m gonna donate all I can in blood, in plasma, in love in goodwill. And in good measure…

With care and human respect to all.

And if you come anywhere near me coughing I’m going to firmly ask you step back. Repeatedly until you get the hell out of my way.

Because that’s life right now.

Take showers. Be clean humans. Drink tea. Do steams for your lungs for as much as you can.

And if you are not immunocompromised get your ass in gear and help the fuckin world.

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