Today we have accomplished making about 2 starter surgical masks for a local nursing home. They are made to go over the respirators. For nurses who requested us specifically to make them this way for them. We have 20 cut out.

I have made 2 bases for round masks that are made out of old bras. Yes. They are. Why? Because we only have 2 respirator masks here and we often have five adults and sometimes young and high risk children.

Today..I have accomplished one 200 donation to us to get these masks going and feed ourselves and take care of our needs while accomplishing this.

Today I had to set up a decontamination area on our front porch to make space for isolating and cleaning ones self off before entering our home. In the coming days and weeks I will most likely have to clear out our storage shed to create a quarantined area for when I am just going to be sleeping and going to work and sleeping and not contaminating anyone.

Because my family is so high risk we have to handle it this way.

My niece is really sick. I’ve been sick off and on throughout this week after a high contrast MRI at the hospital and EEG.

Turns out I have systs in my sinuses and some white matter changes related to previous toxic exposure and migraines and pain. Basically lots of pain hurt my brain literally.

But thank god nothing worse. The results were really needed.

Still waiting on my genetics report from italy. Moms came in and helped us to better understand why shes been struggling so much especially with foods and reactions to foods.

There is hope. I’ve sent a lot of letters to my high risk friends old and young. Just loving letters of encouragement. And gratitude.

I dont feel accomplished. But I have gotten five loads of laundry done and I’ve been cleaning off and on constantly for days.

No fever anymore I hope that sticks. I think I just have cardboard stuck in my lungs now. It will clear though. Just takes patience.

I’m infuriated at the world right now for making this so hard on each other.

For blowing things out of the water. For causing this to be madness instead of compassion.

But I think people will start accepting this soon and sticking to the rules and needs more now that were in a basic lockdown.

Hope you’re all well out there!

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