There is no meat in the stores. There are not basics anymore. We are getting refreshed. And we have restocked. People are going mad. I’m just not sure how to even begin to handle this.

I’m just sad. Sad because I had to hear that our elderly and highest risk arent getting what they need. Because the pillars and legacies of communities are not getting the help they need.

I’ve offered to train on cpr and first aid for my store to assist during this time and I’ve pushed through the union to get some attention on this matter. The basic needs of people who are the higher risk families who are wandering around these stores store after store just trying to find food to buy.

Gleaners had a line out to the interstate today. A lot of people cannot get food. A lot.

If this is how our food supply goes how are our medications going to get to the right people. How is anything going to prevail here?

I’m sad for our community right now.

To hear one of our customers could not find meat within hours of the store opening just really hits me hard.

I’ve given so much emotional first aid on these issues lately. I’m wiped. I’m torn.

I’m high risk myself.

Just no as high of a risk as others I strive to protect and care for always.

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