Today we gave atleast 25 hand made masks to a local nursing home facility in dire need of fabric masks to cover the few respirator masks available at this point. Our community has really stepped up and it feels good to be even a small part of the good.

Two weeks ago I was just happy that I got a small easier to manage part time job while being denied disability for the second time. It just happened like that. I had just started singing again, joining our local church choir. One of the last remaining strongholds I’ve found for music here.

I had just prepared to perform for the first time in years and years, and I was pretty sad when it all got cancelled in a rush.

Then this started. Cancellations and rescheduling over and over again on everything. Even my job. Even the best of the best I could see were really hurting. ❤

Someone came to help me today, and brought some cash to donate for our mask project so that we can continue making masks in spite of deep financial instability at this time.

My job is our familys only income now.

And i got sick, really sick. Really fast. Two hours into working. And I had to mandatory stay home for fever monitoring.

I had to hear my doctor express her concern for my risk at this time. For the risk of getting this and then passing it on to my family who is ten times higher risk than me.

I’ve set up decontamination areas to hose off every day from being out in the world. I’ve steamed my cyst filled sinuses and lungs with licorice root tea and every decent tea I can find to just keep my airways cleansed and clear.

To keep my home safe. To keep everyone well for as long as I possibly can.

I’ve heard just everything lately. Everything I never imagined would ever happen in our lives. Everything my step dad who grew up in the depression feared. All my life.

It’s happened. It’s really truly happened this time. To a point I cannot even imagine what hes thinking today in heaven.

I’ve had to give a lot to god lately. And I’m sure I’ll be giving of myself and giving in to surenduring to god more and more as this time passes.

Fundamentally there can be hope. There are good things happening too.

I’m hoping for the best and planning for the obvious.

Just power outages that could happen and needs for oxygenators that are far beyond most normal peoples budgets and plans.

Seeking medical supplies for oxygen in case of need for back up. Just hunting down everything. And nothing is really looking good right now even with the best budgeting and couponing.

We have most of what we need thank god. We also have a heavy heavy period of time going on with all high risk people in one form or another.

A huge shortage of ventillators…

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